Inner Space Techniques (IST)

IST is a journey that is at once personal and cosmic, in the inner labyrinth that leads to the center of oneself. We make discoveries, find emotional and energetic keys to unlock problems, open doors to other ways of being, and draw on forces of well-being that emerge from the contact with our deeper Self.

The main practice consists of a guided inner exploration, which happens in states of consciousness associated with deep meditation, or what we call the inner space of meditation. However, it is not necessary to have meditation experience, as during the sessions clients will be guided into the inner space of IST. This journey results in deeper self-knowledge and increased ability to use one’s inner resources to achieve goals of wellness and self-realization.

Depending on individual needs, you may learn techniques for:
– Meditation and awakening
– Better use and protection of your energy/life force
– Dynamic awareness to be practiced in daily life
– Relaxation and recuperation

IST facilitates energetic healing and offers a real path of transformation.

Sessions are 90 minutes in length and the fee is $100. New clients are invited to take advantage of my special introductory rate of three sessions for $255.

Elsa Beaulieu Bastien has been a social justice activist and a researcher in the social sciences since 1999. Ten years ago she extended her exploration of the world to the inner self. She has been studying with the Clairvision School of Meditation since 2013, where she has been trained as an IST practitioner.